NMSU Alumni Board of Directors

Several people standing against a wall, the International Board of Directors 2017

What They Do

The Alumni Board of Directors (ABD) is a highly engaged collection of alumni representatives from each academic college, boasting diverse backgrounds, interests and regions that cover the last 5 decades of graduates from NMSU. The mission of the ABD is to promote the NMSU Alumni Association by connecting alumni and friends back to our Aggie family and help advance the University's goals, promote student success and continue to spread Aggie spirit and pride.

Members of the Board promote NMSU, connect alumni and friends, advise the Association, network with other Aggies at events and celebrations, support students, serve on committees and programs, share expertise and assist the NMSU Foundation as Ambassadors to promote engagement, development and stewardship.  Board members volunteer an average of 5 hours each month, maintain an active membership in the Alumni Association, donate a minimum of $1,000 annually to the Alumni Association and participate as Aggie Ambassadors throughout the year.

Submit a Nomination

If you are interested in nominating someone or becoming a member, click here to submit a nomination, or contact the NMSU Alumni Association at alumni@nmsufoundation.org.

Deadline to submit for the July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2025 Board is March 31, 2022.

Executive Council

The Executive Council consists of the three officers of the Association, each Committee Chair, and the Past President. The President-Elect of the Association becomes the President at the end of their term. The President becomes the Past-President at the end of their term. The President and President-Elect serve one full year beginning July 1 of the fiscal year following their election. The Secretary/Treasurer also serves one full year beginning July 1 of the fiscal year following their election.

Michael Law

Michael Law '05

Paulo Tomasovich

Paulo Tomasovich '02
President Elect

Kim Archuleta

Kim Archuleta '96 '03

Carol Smallwood

Carol Smallwood '83
Past President

Board Members

Karen Bardwell

Karen Bardwell '74, '78, '86


No Photo Available

Buff Benson '70 '72

No Photo Available

Sean Devine '05

No Photo Available

Elizabeth Eaton '01 '13

No Photo Available

Joe Favia '89

Elizabeth Eaton

Kristin Graham Chavez '93 '94

No Photo Available

Amy Hummer

No Photo Available

Lucia Konrath '00

Doug Markle

Doug Markle '97

No Photo Available

Orlando Padilla '76

Bill Plantz '85

Brenda Porter

Brenda Porter '83 '86

Midhat Quadri

Midhat Quadri '05

Tony Ramirez

Tony Ramirez, Jr. '02

Erika Swan

Erika Swan '95

Adam Thompson

Adam Thompson '08

No Photo Available

Christine Trujillo '90

The NMSU Alumni Association ABD enhances alumni participation and promotes alumni support.

Key Responsibilities include:

  1. Connect & reconnect Alumni to build lifelong relationships with New Mexico State University. Take an active part in reviewing, approving, monitoring, and achieving our objectives.
  2. Learn as much as possible about New Mexico State University, including its unique nature as a Land Grant Institution.
  3. Learn about the role of the Board – its function, policies, committees, work, outreach, and vision for the future.


  1. Abide by the Constitution and Bylaws. Keep appropriate information confidential and comply with the Confidentiality Statement.
  2. Support the mission and vision of the Alumni Association in connecting Alumni to NMSU in ways that are meaningful to them by:
  3. Participating and volunteering in Alumni and/or University programs and events; and
  4. Acting as ambassadors and advocates on behalf of the University.
  5. Support the University by maintaining an active membership with the Alumni Association with an annual gift (minimum $1,000) to anywhere in the NMSU system.
  6. Attend board meetings, to be held in the spring and fall and serve on at least one committee.
  7. Commit to partner with all Board members and Alumni staff and, as a team, strive for the greatest success for the New Mexico State University Alumni Association.