Alumni & Visitor Center

Constructed in 1928 for the Kheth Samekh Sorority


NMSU Board of Regents President Jim Manatt (left) digs in with Joan and Herbert Zuhl, 2002


NMSU Alumni Relations

Dove Hall, Room 227
1305 N. Horseshoe Drive
Las Cruces, NM 88003

The best address on campus!

775 College Dr.

When you visit NMSU, stop by the Alumni & Visitor Center (AVC) to walk down memory lane. Built in 1928, the AVC has housed a sorority, the mail warehouse, telephone services, emergency dispatch, and the police department.

It currently welcomes visitors to NMSU with a wonderful collection of yearbooks, artifacts and impactful memories, and houses one of the units for the NMSU Foundation and Advancement.

After visiting the AVC, cruise up Horseshoe Dr. to Dove Hall, and say hello to the Alumni Relations team. Another beautiful and historical building on campus, Dove Hall has visitor parking and is easy to find at the top of the Horseshoe, near the heart of campus at 1305 N. Horseshoe Dr.

History of the Building

In the 1929 yearbook, an article about the building said: “Plans for our sorority house are progressing rapidly. The piece of land situated between the tennis courts and McFie Hall has been made available as a site for the erection of this house. The erection and completion of the sorority house in the near future is a surety as the house fund has increased by leaps and bounds.”

In 1968 the east wing was added, which is why there is an interior wall that is 3’ thick on the east side of the main entrance. This wall was originally the eastern exterior wall of the original building. When the addition was made, the east wing became home to the mailroom for the University. This was the equivalent of today’s OFS mail warehouse. From 1953 to 1963 the mailroom was located in Hadley Hall. (BOR, p. 702) In 1968 the telephone operation was also located in the main part of the building about where the emergency dispatch office was located. At that time Telecom and University Dispatch was a combined department. In the 1970’s, University Dispatch and Telecom separated and Telecom moved out of the building. (Lopez)

After the sorority moved out and the building became home to the university police. The original bath tub and shower were still in the building until approximately 2001 when they were finally removed from the building. (Lopez)

Due to the building’s construction and age, the building experienced extensive water problems. On June 16, 2003 it rained so badly that the front lawn became extremely saturated. Unfortunately, this condition was aggravated by the slope of the parking lot towards the grass. Underneath the front lawn were conduits that lead to the basement of the building. The water flowed through the conduits and flooded the basement where the police department kept its records. All of the records were shipped away to be freeze-dried in an effort to save the soaked documents. (Lopez)

After the renovation of the Agricultural Institute in 2003, the Police Department moved out the building and into their new home in the Agricultural Institute’s south and west wings. At the same time, this building was renovated to house the NMSU Visitor’s Center, the Alumni Office, and Zuhl Museum. Funding for the renovation of this building came from building renewal and replacement and a major gift from Mr. & Mrs. Zuhl. Construction was finished in the spring of 2004 and the Alumni Offices moved in.

Many thanks to Elizabeth Villa, Archives Specialist with the NMSU Library Archives & Special Collections for tracking down this information!

"Digital copies of Patricia Grumet’s NMSU building survey are available online under the Architectural Drawings and Plans tab: The Visitor’s Center is covered in Volume 1 on page 289 (293). The history mentions the building and the sorority that it was first used for in the university’s yearbooks, which can be viewed here:"