NMSU International Board of Directors

Several people standing against a wall, the International Board of Directors 2017

What They Do

The IBD is made up of alumni representatives from each academic college and each decade along with representatives from faculty, students and administration. The mission of the NMSU Alumni Association is to connect alumni and friends back to NMSU and help advance the University's goals, promote student success and continue to spread Aggie spirit and pride. The IBD supports this by creating and guiding alumni initiatives that engage alumni in numerous ways throughout the year.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the NMSU Alumni Association at alumni@nmsu.edu.

Executive Council

The Executive Council consists of four officers of the Association and ten persons elected from the regular membership of the Association. The President-Elect of the Association becomes the President at the end of their term. The President becomes the Past-President at the end of their term. The President and President-Elect serve one full year beginning July 1 of the fiscal year following their election. The Secretary/Treasurer also serves one full year beginning July 1 of the fiscal year following their election.

Tony Martinez

Tony Martinez '96, '98
Board President

Scott Sponseller

Scott Sponseller '96 '98

Kay Brilliant

Kay Brilliant '71

Crystal Lay

Crystal Lay '02 '10
Past Board President

Kim Archuleta

Kim Archuleta '95 '02

Steve Duran

Steve Duran '90

Connie Lee

Connie Lee '69 '73

Carol Smallwood

Carol Smallwood '83

Daniel Sonntag

Daniel Sonntag '14

Andrea Sparkevicius

Andrea Sparkevicius '91 '99

Adam Thompson

Adam Thompson '08

Board Members

Karen Bardwell

Karen Bardwell '74, '78, '86


Kristin Chavez

Kristin Chavez '93 '94

Nancy Flores

Nancy Flores '88

Tony Gonzalez

Tony Gonzalez '81

Hal Hopson

John "Hal" Hopson '59

Michael Law

Michael Law '05

Krista Madril

Krista Madril '01

Midhat Quadri

Midhat Quadri '05

Erika Swan

Erika Swan '95

Paulo Tomasovich

Paulo Tomasovich '02

No Photo Available

Jeremy Witte '15