NMSU Presidential Ambassadors


The Presidential Ambassador program is an opportunity to showcase NMSU student talent to alumni, donors and business partners. Alumni and friends of the university love to visit with students and hear about their interests, involvements and aspirations. The powerful rapport that often develops between outside supporters and engaged students is quite remarkable.

The Presidential Ambassador Program is a student leadership program at NMSU-Las Cruces created to offer eager students with professional development opportunities. While executing special university functions and representing the university at events both on campus and elsewhere, Presidential Ambassadors' main role is to assist the NMSU President with alumni relations and stewardship, supporting academic initiatives, promoting new programs and engaging members of the local business community.

Students serving as Presidential Ambassadors also participate in the University Course 395/495. Although the Instructor of Record will be the University President, the Ambassador program will be developed and operated under the guidance of the Office of University Advancement. The class of students will reflect the diverse body of NMSU and are drawn from all academic colleges, programs and class years.

Students benefit in the following ways:

  • Help create a sense of pride on campus;
  • Develop a strong selling point on a resume, particularly when employers today are looking for candidates with leadership, management and social responsibility experience;
  • Foster personal and professional relationships with external donors, school supporters and business community members;
  • Create relationships for internship opportunities and, ultimately, career employment;
  • Grow partnerships with NMSU deans, administrators and faculty.