Welcome Johnny Lopez!

2019 Johnny Lopez
2019 Johnny Lopez

New Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Chapter Leader

Johnny Lopez, NMSU class of 1985, is a 4th generation Texan -- born in El Paso and comes from a family of 6. His father was in construction and mother completed her GED late in life. Johnny was the middle child and the first to attend and complete college in his family.

Johnny was born with the innate interest of wanting to care for and be around livestock, however growing up as a city kid in Ysleta made it difficult to be around livestock. So, to satisfy his hunger, Johnny's father allowed him to keep rabbits, chickens, a lamb, and even a pony, which his father purchased for $30 and hauled home in the back of a pickup truck. Butch (the pony!) was wild, liked to bite and didn't like to be rode. Being around this crazy pony helped Johnny overcome his fear of being around livestock later in life.

Johnny considers himself fortunate for the guidance he received to apply and then be accepted into NMSU. For it was at NMSU that Ag College professors provided him with priceless advice and direction. For several years, Johnny was the worker who fed the cattle, sheep, pigs and operated the feed mill located on campus. So, NMSU is where initially, Johnny gained the needed experience to move on to the next step of his life, which was graduate school.

Johnny completed an MS and PhD at the University of Missouri in Animal Nutrition in 1988 and 1992, respectively. Needless to say, attending NMSU and then completing graduate school really helped opened up the world. After UM, Johnny took on roles in formulation, then technical service, and eventually positions such as VP, Global Business Manager, and Managing Director. The jobs allowed Johnny and his family to travel to over 40 countries and 9 of the 10 provinces in Canada.

Johnny is truly thankful to NMSU as it didn't take a "big name college" for him to gain the amazing experiences since graduating from NMSU. Johnny gives God the Glory for watching over him this entire time. Johnny, his wife, Lydia, and 3 children currently live in the North Richland Hills, TX area, and he looks forward to meeting other NMSU Alumni in the region.

The NMSU Alumni Association is grateful to Johnny for his willingness to serve as Chapter Leader!