Official Ring Ceremony

Chile ristras with official NMSU rings attached

The New Mexico State University Alumni Association, in an effort to acknowledge each semester’s ring recipients, sponsors the NMSU Official Ring Ceremony the Wednesday prior to Commencement each spring and fall semester. The NMSU Official Ring Ceremony is held in Trader’s Plaza located in the NMSU Business Complex. Guests will be able to view Aggie Memorial Tower and reflect on the significance of it as one of the key symbols represented on the ring.

The rings begin their journey to the ceremony with a visit to the top of Aggie Memorial Tower before the event. They are taken to the ceremony by Pistol Pete on horseback and presented to each ring recipient. Each ring is attached to a chile ristra, a wonderful tradition started by alumna Jo Lytle ’83 with the Hatch Chile Express. Recipients take a photo with the NMSU Chancellor and Pistol Pete to commemorate the occasion.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, recipients and their guests are invited to explore Aggie Memorial Tower, where they can learn more about its history. While at the top of the tower, recipients are encouraged to write about their ring experience and what it means to them.

How do I get the ring?

The Official Class ring is reserved exclusively for junior and senior students in good standing, as well as graduates of NMSU. While the campus will surely develop and change, the icons, the statues, the traditions and the Official Ring will not. The Official Ring serves as an honorable symbol for all past and future graduates, forming a common bond between NMSU alumni and the institution that played a key role in forming their future.

Each semester, the Official Ring Ceremony is held at the Aggie Memorial Tower to honor those who purchased a ring.