What the official NMSU Class Ring Means to Me

Congratulations! Your are joining an exceptional group of NMSU Alumni and proud Aggies – official NMSU Class Ring owners.

The official NMSU Class Ring was designed many years ago by a group of students, alumni and university leaders. They identified three symbols unique to NMSU that would serve as iconic reminders of the university mission, our campus and Las Cruces.

The top of your ring features the university triangle symbol, which represents our land-grant mission of teaching, research and service; it also symbolizes the connection of cultures in our region, surrounded by our university’s name.

One side of your ring displays the Organ and “A” Mountains, two majestic symbols of our area, and the backdrop of our beautiful campus.

The other side displays Aggie Memorial Tower. Built in 1950 as a permanent monument to honor the first 126 fallen Aggie soldiers from World War I and World War II, it also served as the centerpiece for the original football stadium. The construction was made possible through private donations from family members, friends, classmates, local businesses and private citizens.

Aggie Memorial Tower is filled with the photographs of these fallen soldiers, gathered from their families and loved ones by Miss Era Rentfrow, who served as the College Registrar from 1922 to 1961. She recognized the need to secure the memory of those one hundred and twenty-six brave Aggies, and these photos are displayed in the Memorial Room on the first floor, honoring their memory.

Memorial Tower is part of the spirit of the Aggies. It holds the past, and nourishes our present and future.

The images depicted on your ring are symbols of the history and culture of NMSU, a history you are part of. Your ring ensures that no matter where you go after your time at NMSU, you take a piece of home with you. Thank you for sharing your story about what the ring means to you.

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