Buchanan family shows their Aggie Pride through philanthropy

Three young men smiling at the camera.

The Buchanan parents' son, Ryan Buchanan (right), is one of several New Mexico students who have received the President's Associates scholarship. It's the impetus behind why they gave back to the fund that's supporting so many.

A strong sense of community that connects one generation with another can create a legacy. That legacy becomes even stronger when parents give to the New Mexico State University programs that they love. Craig Buchanan, '88, and his wife Christy, '90, are an NMSU family completed by their son who is a student. Craig and Christy are proud to invest in NMSU and its future because they want others to enjoy the Aggie experience.

"Our family is an NMSU family," Christy said. "We attended NMSU and really loved our time at the university. Now that we are parents of an NMSU engineering student, we are especially proud and excited to support everything that the University is doing."

The Buchanans contribute to a variety of programs, including the President's Associates Scholars, which is NMSU's premier scholarship program for high-achieving New Mexico high school students. Craig and Christy's son, Ryan, is a President's Associates Scholar, and the Buchanans believe supporting the fund is a way to recognize the University and impact students. Their contributions are also strengthening one of the oldest engineering programs in New Mexico.

“There has been such tremendous growth and progress from the investments being made in faculty recruitment and development to the commitments being made to STEM education," Christy said. "NMSU and its leaders demonstrate that they are thinking broadly about students and about the University’s role in addressing the challenges and opportunities of the future. Our philanthropy is a vote of confidence in NMSU, its mission and its vision."

Joellen Langford's life was changed forever by the President's Associates Scholarship, which put her on a path to discovery and linked her to mentors and a lifelong purpose. Because of donor generosity and her own hard work, Langford received the four-year scholarship that allows her to engage fully with her educational experience. She is making the most of that opportunity by taking a full course load of ‘very technical classes’ that demand intense study and focus. She is also able to participate in experiential lab sessions where she can put theoretical knowledge into practice. She is grateful that NMSU, and donors like the Buchanans, have made so many resources and support systems available for students.

“I always feel as though I have a place to go, and I never feel like I am one student among thousands,” said Langford.

Langford believes in giving back to the community through volunteering. She’s also inspiring other students to explore robotics through her work with Project Neo, a national contest for high school students. By mentoring aspiring students in the fields that she loves, Langford hopes to recruit future engineers and programmers.

The Buchanans recognize that college can be an important part of a young person's life. Langford is already changing lives and helping others. If you are a parent who is interested in supporting the University, you can give confidentially, knowing that the impact of your gift goes beyond one student. By giving, you can help a new generation to realize its dreams.