Our Scholars – Kevin Prieto

Kevin Prieto

“Mentorship at NMSU has been a great experience for me,” says senior NMSU Business Management major Kevin Prieto. “I am in constant contact with mentors for advice on what I’m doing in student government and what I plan to do with the rest of my life. I don’t know where I’d be without their guidance.”

At every level, mentorship is a win-win experience for all involved: students, mentors, employers and communities. Generous supporters recognizes the value of this practice and has established the Mentorship Scholarship Award to help more junior- and senior-level students discover success through mentorship.

“The difference mentorship makes is intangible because it’s not only investing in the student, but in the future of our state and our country,” said Kevin. “I am thankful every day that I have brilliant mentors who offer the support that I need.”

With assistance from the Business Advisory Council, the award expands mentorship opportunities to more NMSU students every year – covering expenses such as student-based financial assistance, experience-based industry travel opportunities and one-on-one career coaching. Kevin feels so strongly about his experience with his mentors that he’s already looking for ways to become a mentor himself.

“Even though I’m a senior and my time is almost up, there are many other students behind me who are ready to make a difference at NMSU and eventually, the world around them,” he said.

Help us expand our mentorship community so NMSU business students of today can become the business professionals of tomorrow. Your gift will provide students with the tools they need to navigate opportunities for career growth and become effective leaders and stewards of the economic, political and social systems in their communities.