Our Scholars – Sicilee Macklin

Sicilee Macklin

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Sicilee Macklin is not shy about expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to further her organic chemistry research on natural products in South Korea last summer.

“It truly changed my life,” she said. “And, it helped me set up a lot of future goals and outline my path for a career.”

Sicilee was one of four recipients of the International Research Scholarship. The scholarship is available to sophomore and junior Crimson Scholars and allows students to work with their professors to customize their studies with specific international travel and research experiences.

“I met lots of wonderful people in South Korea,” said Sicilee. “What I like about their culture is that they really value community.”

Sicilee’s fondness for South Korea has inspired her to return to the country for graduate studies after she completes her undergraduate degree.

“My foundation is Chemical Engineering, but I want to pursue graduate studies in nutrition,” she said. “I’m hoping to combine the two later in life to go into the food industry so I can combine work in product development with large-scale manufacturing production.”

We love the way our NMSU students thrive on the global stage. We encourage you to help more students discover pathways to success by investing in scholarships like the International Research Scholarship. Your gift today can make all the difference for students like Sicilee. And, like Sicilee, they will be forever grateful and onto changing the world.